Betty Olry – Our Fort Wayne 40 Days Coordinator

Betty Olry was born and raised at Kneipp Springs just outside of Rome City, Indiana. She has 2 sisters and 3 brothers and has been married for 51 years. Betty and her husband have 2 girls with 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Right after high school graduation Betty moved to Fort Wayne, got a job and went to a business college.
Betty has always felt close to our Blessed Mother Mary, maybe because of visits she made at Kneipp Springs as our Lady of America.
The horrors of babies being torn from their mother’s womb, the pain the babies go through and then the pain the mothers have to live with are the things that have lead Betty to participate in the pro-life movement. She thanks God for saving her from this. Betty is a multiple rape victim and through God’s blessings never became pregnant. She lives with the horror of rape, but believes that it can’t be anything like what mothers who have had an abortion must live with.

40 Days for Life is one way that Betty feels God has called her to help our Mothers  and their little ones with the gift of life.