LDBC 2017

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LDBC 2017

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Help us flood the Governor’s office with letters!

We need letters, and lots of them.

As you probably know, Governor Pence made history last Thursday when he signed HEA 1337 into law.  Now we need to show him (and the opposition) how much we appreciate him protecting babies from discrimination. We’re looking to flood the Governor’s office with good, old-fashioned “thank you” letters and cards, […]

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Join Indiana Right to Life in Fort Wayne on Friday Night

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Help us light up the House Republican phones

The Republican House is less than 48 hours away from killing the most important pro-life bill in a decade

Unbelievable. A minority of House Republicans are now less than 48 hours away from killing House Bill 1337 by demanding that protections for unborn children with disabilities be removed from the bill. If […]

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