Life Defenders in Iowa City

Saturday, July 21st, 10:00am-1:30pm
St. Patrick Church
4330 St. Patrick Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52240

Cost: Free! Tshirt and lunch included!

Questions? Sheryl (319) 855-8475,





Life Defenders is a ministry of Allen County Right to Life with the mission of equipping high school and college students to become effective ambassadors for life. Life Defenders Trainings have been hosted throughout Indiana as well as other states. This camp is a powerful way to inspire your donor base and raise up young leaders in your community.

Many high school and college students today, including those within the Catholic and Protestant communities, reject or are indifferent to the pro-life view, often because they’ve never heard a compelling case for life presented at their schools or churches. What’s desperately needed are pro-life presentations designed to communicate to students the facts and arguments upon which pro-life principles are based. Students must be taught to defend it on hostile turf—such as the high school or university campus. They need to know that their pro-life convictions can stand up to rational scrutiny. Without this confidence, they won’t engage their peers on this issue. Worse still, they may jettison their pro-life convictions for a quiet relativism that values tolerance over truth.

Students trained at a Life Defenders Training will have an impact for years to come as they join pro-life campus groups, get involved at a lay or professional level in various aspects of the pro-life movement, and assume leadership roles in churches and society. Using science & philosophy, this training equips students to simplify the abortion debate by focusing on two crucial questions: 1) What are the preborn? and, 2) What makes humans valuable? Students will learn to expose the logical fallacies of abortion-choice rhetoric without the need for vitriol and angry dialogue and to speak graciously and compellingly to the most pressing moral issue of our day: abortion.


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