Life Defenders Boot Camp 2017

Friday, 7th Schedule:

4:30pm                         Registration (Bonzel Hall Lobby)

5:30-6:30pm                Pizza (Bonzel Hall Student Lounge)(sign up for breakouts)

6:30-6:45pm                Rules Chat (Rebekah Bertsch & walk over to Gunderson Auditorium)

7:00-7:15pm                Welcome, Opening Prayer & Intro Mike – Abigail Lorenzen

7:15-8:00pm                Mike Spencer – “Never answer a question, answer a questioner”

8:00-8:15pm                Transition to classrooms

8:15-9:00pm                First Training Session: Mike Spencer (101), Seth Drayer (201), Scott Klusendorf (301)

9:15–11:00pm             Snacks & Hang-Out, (Bonzel Hall Student Lounge)

11:30pm                        Lights out


Saturday, 8th Schedule:

7:30am                         Personal Devotional Time (Bonzel Student Lounge)

8:00am                        Breakfast (Bonzel Hall Student Lounge)

8:45-10:45am             Second Training Session

10:45-11:00am           Break

11:00–11:45pm           1st Breakout Sessions

11:45-12:45pm           Lunch & Free Time, (Bonzel Student Lounge)

12:45–1:30pm           2nd Breakout Sessions

1:45-3:15pm              Third Training Session

3:30-4:00pm            Group Photo & Evaluations

4:00-5:00pm            Q&A w/Scott, Seth & Mike, Call to Action (Achatz Hall, Gunderson Auditorium)