Mary Cross TippmannThe youngest of seven children, Mary Loretta Cross was born to Robert Cross and Catherine Dempsey Cross in Gary, Indiana in 1906. She married Laurence Tippmann in Chicago in September of 1931. Mary was blessed with sixteen children in less than eighteen years. She had a very special relationship with God. It wasn’t stiff and formal. It wasn’t worship from afar. Mary’s relationship with God was intimate. He was her confidante. Mary was never unsure about God. Ever. She never questioned His will. She never doubted God’s Providence. Mary faced many tough economic times, but never doubted for an instant that God would provide for her needs and those of her family. She went through life with the quiet joy and unshakable trust that a deep and loving relationship with God provides. She shared the secret of that joy and trust with her children. Mary taught her children how to live, and she showed them how to die. Her trust in God never wavered. When He made it clear that it was time for her to come home, she left with no regrets. She had held her baby’s baby. Her work on earth was done…

(Excerpted from The Story of the Tippmann’s: To State Street and Beyond by Christopher Needler)

Mary Cross Tippmann never considered a child anything less than wanted and precious. Her children and over 500 descendants continue to share her love for life. Her legacy lives on through them and the generous support of pro-life causes through the Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation. It is our privilege to honor Mrs. Tippmann with the 2007 Telemachus Award for standing for life regardless of the personal sacrifice.


The bio above was submitted at the time of the award presentation.