On Saturday, each student can attend 2 of the following Break Out Sessions. You’ll choose your sessions when filling out the registration form.


The Medical Effect of Abortion on Women

Dr. Christina Francis

Abortion choice supporters often claim that legal abortion is safe abortion. Dr. Francis exposes the fact that abortion destroys the life of an unborn child and also has significant medical ramifications on the mother. Citing solid research, this talk explores the science behind abortion’s devastating physical effects on women.



How to Discuss Assisted Suicide in a Culture of Death

Ian Spencer

We’ve always known that suicide is wrong. In recent years we have seen the debate on the issue framed in new language of choice, the “right to die” and “death with dignity”. With the legalization of assisted suicide in several countries and new legislation being put forth in many states, support for assisted suicide is skyrocketing. By learning to ask challenging questions and appealing to cultural common ground on suicide prevention and human rights, we can change hearts and minds on assisted suicide.



Right For Me, Maybe Not For You

Shawn Meyer

So you take what you’ve learned at Life Defenders, go home, and make a solid logical case to your pro-choice friend that abortion is wrong. After watching his arguments crumble, he does it. He pulls the relativism card. “You have your morality and I have mine.” Now what? This session will prepare you to make a persuasive case for the objective nature of morality so that your arguments for the unborn cannot be easily dismissed.




Pregnancy Care Center Ministry

Summer Spencer

Nearly 3,000 pregnancy care centers exist in the United States, providing practical care and compassionate support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. The counselors in these life-saving centers are often times the last line of defense for the preborn and their mothers. Summer Spencer, a full-time counselor at Women’s Care Center in Columbus, will share about this vital area of pro-life ministry and how these centers remove barriers that cause people to choose abortion. Come learn more about this vital area of pro-life ministry.