July 10 at 4:30pm - July 11 at 5:00pm

This overnight event, open to high school and college-aged students, equips young people to speak confidently and graciously to the most pressing moral issue of our time – abortion. The $35 registration fee includes meals, dorm room housing, teaching materials, and a Life Defenders t-shirt.

Training Educators Scott Klusendorf, Seth Drayer and Mike Spencer will teach you how to make a persuasive case for life in the marketplace of ideas. They offer engaging content that will impact you and equip you to go forth and defend the pro-life view.

  • THE CASE FOR LIFE #101 with Mike Spencer
    • Designed for first-time attendees, this course will equip you to simplify the abortion debate by focusing on one question: “What are the preborn?” Appealing to the science of human embryology and philosophy, you will be taught to defend the view that life begins at conception and that the differences between the born and preborn (size, level of development, degree of dependency and location) do not change the nature or value of human life.
  • THE CASE FOR LIFE #201 with Seth Drayer
    • The 201 level considers competing notions of human value and serves as an intro to advanced abortion v. choice arguments by asking, “Are human valuable because of who they are or because of what they can do?” You will contrast the pro-life position of human value with competing abortion advocate positions as you consider one of the most enduring objections to the pro-life position – bodily autonomy.
  • ADVANCED PRO-LIFE APOLOGETICS #301 with Scott Klusendorf
    • This advanced course is designed for graduates of The Case for Life #101 and #201 courses and will take you deeper into the crucial issues of moral relativism, strategies for beginning meaningful conversations and responding to academic arguments.
    • Scott changes this course each year so if you’ve taken 301 before, come on back! You’ll learn something new.
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