Life Defenders Paris, IL

Learn how to make the Case for Life!
Life Defenders workshops equip attendees to become effective ambassadors for life.

Many people today reject or are indifferent to the pro-life view, often because they’ve never heard the pro-life position presented in a compelling manner. Life Defenders will prepare you to confidently communicate the pro-life position to others. Using science & philosophy, you will learn to simplify the abortion debate.
Come learn to speak intelligently and graciously to the most pressing moral issue of our time: abortion. 
You’ll leave prepared to confidently persuade others by exposing the logical fallacies of abortion-choice rhetoric without the need for vitriol and angry dialogue.

This year, two training levels will be offered to accommodate returning participants!
Life Defenders Paris

Saturday, Oct 2nd, 9am to Noon
The Hall
614 N. Main St.
Paris, IL 61944

For questions, contact Mary Taylor at 217-264-5342.


This workshop is appropriate for teenagers and adults. It will be in compliance with current state and local guidelines for COVID-19.