Life Defenders Workshop- Albion


Learn how to make the Case for Life!

Life Defenders workshops equip attendees to become effective ambassadors for life. 

Many people today reject or are indifferent to the pro-life view, often because they’ve never heard the pro-life position presented in a compelling manner. Life Defenders will prepare you to confidently communicate the pro-life position to others. Using science & philosophy, you will learn to simplify the debate. Come learn to speak intelligently and graciously to the most pressing moral issue of our time: abortion.  You’ll leave prepared to confidently persuade others by exposing the logical fallacies of abortion-choice rhetoric without the need for vitriol and angry dialogue.

Saturday, January 15th, 2022, 9am to Noon, $5 Registration

Rehoboth Church, 1236 N 275 E, Albion, IN 46701

This workshop is open to students 7th grade and older and adults. It will be in compliance with current state and local guidelines for COVID-19.

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