A New Chapter in the Pro-Life Movement

Learn how you can get involved and support our new BIG initiatives!

Attend An Event

Looking for a way to impact the prolife movement? A way to get involved and make a difference in America? Join us at our upcoming events and bring your friends along.

iChooseLife Radio

Each week Zach, Abigail & Scott are joined by leaders and experts to bring you the in-depth information about current prolife issues, events and news you need.

Who We Are Who We Are Not

We are active with local schools, churches and other prolife groups. If you’re looking for resources and services for people who are pregnant, abortion-minded or post-abortive please see our community partner list. At RLNI we focus on two main areas; public policy & education. We do this through partnerships with local elected officials and candidates, community events, and presentations. 

Who We Are Who We Are Not

Training & Education

We are proud to provide engaging prolife apologetics training and educational presentations to a variety of groups.

Life Defenders

Excellent apologetics training in over-night camps for students and one-day workshops for all ages.

School Presentation

Age-appropriate presentations about fetal development, abortion in the US, and apologetics.

Church Presentations

Each is tailored to the audience and can cover anything in the scope of the prolife movement.


Local experts who can come to your group and speak on a wide range of prolife issues.

Take Action

Volunteers and Donors are the heart and soul of RLNI. All of the life-saving work for the unborn is made possible by ardent pro-life advocates that generously give of their time and talents. Our Volunteers and Donors are people from all walks of life that could no longer sit on the sidelines while innocent lives were being taken. Will you join them?

Take Action