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Volunteers are essential to our work. We need volunteers for all of our events, as well as for projects and general upkeep of our office. Please consider giving your time and talent to our specific needs.

Sidewalk Advocates

With an uptick in business at Planned Parenthood, we need people outside during PP office hours to offer help to women who are considering abortion. Training provided for all those interested. Learn more on here: Sidewalk Advocacy

40 Days for Life Volunteer Leaders

Volunteers are need to help lead our 40 Days for Life campaigns this Spring and Fall.

Event-Specific Volunteering

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with events. If you are interested in helping with events, please email and you will be contacted as needs arise.


Volunteer(s) needed for phone coverage and light office work weekly on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Data Entry and Project Assistants

Volunteer(s) needed for various projects. Days and hours are flexible.

Marketing Experience

Volunteer needed to help promote and market our events.

Social Media Activists

In this day and age there are many things you can do through social media platforms to spread truth, call out injustices and bring about a better understanding about the value of life. If you are active on social media and would like to add social media as a tool for pro-life activism, we provide training on appropriate and effective ways of doing so.


It has been proven that people prefer images and videos over reading text. Let us know if you’d like to help us capture visuals to communicate important points to our audience.

If you are interested in filling any of these roles or want more information, please email us at or call our office at 260-471-1849.