Representative Casey Cox and his wife Melissa reside in Fort Wayne with their children Adrianne,  Andrew and Abigail. He is an attorney with Beers, Back, Mallers and Salin and is and avid IU athletics fan. Rep. Cox has been a strong defender of the unborn during his tenure as a representative but the 2016 session is the most notable. The members of the Indiana General Assembly passed the historic Dignity for the Unborn law authored by Rep. Cox, which will be a model for other states. The law’s language protects disabled children from being targeted by the abortion industry by preventing abortion discrimination based on a child’s gender or race and provides for the dignified disposal of the bodies of aborted babies. This legislation will have a national impact, because it is the first time that children will have the same protection prior to birth as they do after they are born, and it could be a crack in the wall of the abortion business. Rep. Cox is taking a break from public service but we trust that will be of short duration.


The bio above was submitted at the time of the award presentation.