Congressman Marlin StutzmanBefore coming to Congress, Stutzman served in the Indiana House of Representatives (2002-2008) and in the Indiana State Senate (2008-2010). When first elected at the age of 26, he served as the youngest member of the Indiana legislature until 2006, and established his reputation early on as a staunch conservative. He stood strong for traditional family values and in 2005 co-authored the first pro-life legislation to pass in Indiana in 12 years.

Since taking federal office on November 2, 2010, U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman has quickly emerged as an effective leader for northeast Indiana. Congressman Stutzman is proud to serve the needs of the hardworking Hoosier families who call Indiana’s Third Congressional District home.

Congressman Stutzman and his wife, Christy, have two sons, Payton and Preston, and make their home in Howe, Indiana. The Stutzmans attend Community Baptist Church and Congressman Stutzman’s heart for mission work has led to short-term mission trips in Russia, Haiti, Mexico and Guatemala.

We are honoring Congressman Stutzman with the Daniel Award for his strong commitment to life during his years in the Indiana Legislature and for continuing to be a voice for the unborn in Washington. This year Congressman Stutzman was willing to share his personal story of his mother’s love sparing him from being aborted. Congressman Stutzman is a member of the Congressional coalition on adoption. The Congressman has made public statements in support of life and taken action to protect life without being concerned about the political cost as the following demonstrates:

  • In a Washington Times op-ed when the Congressman shared his personal “close encounter” with abortion: “For 40 years, our society has been unwilling to come to grips with the grim truth about abortion. We’ve raced down a dead-end street, willfully blind to the facts, only to find ourselves at 3801 Lancaster St. – Kermit Gosnell’s clinic in West Philadelphia.”
  • By introducing House Resolution 206, calling on the U.S. House of Representatives to review public policies that led to illegal abortion practices, such as those of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion provider. “We owe it to the weakest among us to investigate public policies and abortion practices to determine what can be done to prevent more of these barbaric crimes. In a nation grounded upon equal protection under the law, Congress has an obligation to gather the facts and prevent future atrocities.”
  • By leading more than 15 of his colleagues in speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives exposing the Gosnell abortion horrors.“Kermit Gosnell is a real-life Hannibal Lecter. Gosnell operated an abortion clinic that severed the necks of hundreds of babies and stuffed their bodies into freezers, plastic bags, and cat food tins.

Indiana’s Third District contains all of Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Jay, Lagrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells and Whitley counties, as well as parts of Blackford and Kosciusko counties.


The bio above was submitted at the time of the award presentation.