Dean & EvelynEvelyn and Dean got their first taste of the pro-life movement when they attended the opening rally for the first 40 Days for Life campaign. We were encouraged to sign up to pray for just an hour at the tent located across from the abortion facility. They thought, “WOW! I can do that!” Even though she was apprehensive in going, Evelyn came back to fill more time slots. The organizers saw that Evelyn was a leader with a heart for the mothers and their babies and they asked her to become a shift captain.

Evelyn observed that the mothers going into the abortion facility didn’t seem to have a clue that there was help available to them. “It broke my heart to watch young, frightened women walk in the doors and have their abortions. I kept thinking we HAVE to do more!”

When the 40 Days campaign was completed, Evelyn and Dean joined a small group that decided they had to keep coming to the abortion facility even after the tent came down. Evelyn came to the abortion facility on counseling days to talk to the women and give them information.

Dean often stood by Evelyn’s side during the counseling sessions. He would reach out to the men that sometimes accompanied the women. Dean was always her prayer partner.

Evelyn and Dean continue to be involved with 40 Days for Life They are blessed to witness the growth of the pro-life commitment of the people involved in this ministry and the growing number of women who have chosen life for their babies. The number of women that have changed their minds over the years is the fruit of the faithful and consistent witness of Evelyn and Dean.

Just recently they were instrumental in helping recruit the IPFW Students for Life, and others to join them in sidewalk counseling and prayer support. With this additional help, Evelyn and Dean are helping us reach our goal to cover all three sides of the clinic so that every abortion minded woman hears a message of hope.

Allen County Right to Life has lost count of the number of babies that have birthdays because of the dedication of Evelyn and Dean.


The bio above was submitted at the time of the award presentation.