Our Mission: Lutherans FOR Life is an organization that affirms life in all of its stages. Our national theme: “Equipping Lutherans to be Gospel motivated voices for life.”  Although this organization emanates from the Lutheran Church, we do participate in and support multi-denominational activities.  Some of the multi-faceted issues, from conception to natural death, that LFL addresses include: Crisis Pregnancy, Abortion/Post-abortion, Adoption, Bioethics, Christian Responsibility, Conception, Creation, End of life, Assisted Suicide, Family living including Fatherhood and Motherhood.

Brief History: About 30 years ago two ladies from Emmanuel Lutheran Church on Jefferson Street heard that young women were going to Michigan to end their pregnancy and others were going to the Crisis Pregnancy Center in town. The two ladies, Carolyn Beitz and Vickie Layman, concluded that there needed to be education especially for our young people, life-saving education. They also discovered the National Lutherans for Life group and joined it. Now we are nine churches strong in the Allen County area. Yes! We are happy to support the Allen County Right to Life!!

Life-Saving Education and Training: Seminars on: services offered at pregnancy centers, palliative care, end of life issues, stem cell research, ‘Silent no More’ safe-baby box and others. LFL provides training and assists in the formation of Life Teams in churches to prioritize and develop the Gospel-motivated life. We encourage attendance to the National LFL Conference.


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