John Dolde began his junior year at Concordia High School with a deep desire to make a difference for the lives of unborn children at risk.

Early that year he met with the new principal at the time to get approval for regular bus trips to the abortion clinic on Thursday mornings.  Back then we had no idea what an impact those simple trips a few miles down Coliseum Blvd would have:

  • Students who participated returned with a sobering view of the realities of abortion, asking questions wanting do more.
  • Our pro-life group has grown from a handful of students just three years ago to over 80 this past school year.
  • Our participation in the DC March for Life has about doubled each year since those bus trips, with 44 students attending earlier this year.

Nathan Grime and Todd Jackson both share a passion for speaking the truth to save a generation from the genocide that is abortion. They act with grace as they support families by volunteering their time for SCAN, A Hope Center and the AWS foundation.  They are an inspiration to the Concordia community as well as a reminder or how important it is to be steadfast, bold and speak the truth about abortion with grace and love.  Nathan makes sure we hold regular meetings and is always prepared to share his message of hope with others. His carefully crafted responses convey a wealth of understanding of how life matters. Todd displays his principles and beliefs outwardly as a constant reminder of his convictions and faith and so is frequently seen wearing his pro-life sweatshirts, which we’re sure, elicits conversation.