Life Defenders Workshop - St. James

is excited to host a
Life Defenders workshops equip attendees to become effective ambassadors for life.

Many people today reject or are indifferent to the pro-life view, often because they’ve never heard the pro-life position presented in a compelling manner. Life Defenders will prepare you to confidently communicate the pro-life position to others. Using science & philosophy, you will learn to simplify the abortion debate.
Come learn to speak intelligently and graciously to the most pressing moral issue of our time: abortion. 
You’ll leave prepared to confidently persuade others by exposing the logical fallacies of abortion-choice rhetoric without the need for vitriol and angry dialogue.
This workshop is appropriate for 7th grade through adults. 

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Registration: Free!
Saturday, February 25th, 9am to Noon
St. James Catholic Church
46325 W 10 Mile Rd, Novi, MI 48374

For questions, call Kathleen at (248) 705-3921.

Mike Spencer grew up in Detroit and considered himself “pro-choice” until shortly after coming to faith in Christ in 1984, when the church he attended showed the pro-life film, The Silent Scream. Upon being confronted with the reality of abortion, Mike became deeply convicted and prayed for God’s forgiveness, offering himself as a voice for the unborn. 
Mike served as a pastor for 23 years and then on the speaking staff for Life Training Institute for 8 years. He now serves as the founder and president of Project LifeVoice, a gospel-driven human rights organization that equips and inspires pro-life ambassadors to speak compellingly and to act sacrificially on behalf of the most vulnerable, most abandoned and most oppressed among us; our preborn neighbors targeted by elective abortion.
Mike has a burden to awaken the church to the plight of mothers facing unplanned pregnancies and to the little ones they carry. He travels extensively throughout the United States and beyond, speaking in churches, at banquets & conferences, and on high school and university campuses. He addresses thousands of students and adults each year. Mike is a gifted and much sought-after communicator who brings a pastor’s heart to the often emotional and divisive issue of abortion in a way that is both gracious and compelling. He and his wife, Barb, have five children including a daughter they adopted from Guatemala. Mike and his family currently reside in Celina, Ohio.

This Life Defenders Workshop is brought to you by a partnership between St. James Catholic ChurchProject LifeVoice and Right to Life of Northeast Indiana.