Help Us Flood the Governor's Office With Letters

We need letters, and lots of them.

As you probably know, Governor Pence made history last Thursday when he signed HEA 1337 into law.  Now we need to show him (and the opposition) how much we appreciate him protecting babies from discrimination. We’re looking to flood the Governor’s office with good, old-fashioned “thank you” letters and cards, individually written and stamped.

Will you help?

Please take the time this week to mail a letter or card to Governor Pence to thank him for signing HEA 1337.  The letter does not need to be lengthy or technically exhaustive, just a heartfelt thank you is perfect.  Lengthier letters are fine too, but the main point is the “thank you”.   Businesses, ministries and professionals are encouraged to use official letterhead.

If you wish to include specifics, here are some key points:
    • HEA 1337 protects unborn children by prohibiting abortion based on disability, race or gender.
    • HEA 1337 requires humane disposal of aborted babies by burial or cremation, ending the practice of treating them as medical waste.
    • HEA 1337 supports the promotion of perinatal hospice to provide positive assistance to families facing an adverse prenatal diagnosis.
Here is the Governor’s mailing address: 

The Honorable Mike Pence
Governor, State of Indiana
200 West Washington Street, Suite 201
Indianapolis, IN  46204

Thank you for helping us flood the Governor’s office with letters!