A Response to Abortion Pill Rescue Article

Dr. Christina Francis responds to an article in The Journal Gazette about the Abortion Pill Rescue published on February 26th. Below is a Call-to-Action from our friends at AAPLOG.

On February 26, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published an op-ed titled, "'Abortion reversal' measure cruelly oppressive.” The piece, written by the Associate Medical Director of Planned Parenthood for Indiana and Kentucky, presents the argument that Abortion Pill Reversal therapy (APR) is unsafe for expectant mothers, and claims APR is a “fictional concept” that “should not come anywhere near the floor of the general assembly.” In an effort to discredit Indiana House Bill 1577, the author points to disproven research and inaccurate abortion statistics to discredit and defame APR education as a mandate in the state of Indiana.

In response to the piece, Dr. Francis writes and submits her own experience with APR, and the success story of one of her patients who has undergone APR therapy. The piece, filled with citations to legitimate medical research and credible sources, is approved by the newspaper for publication - with one key change - an ACOG-messaged disclaimer at the end of the piece.

The Journal Gazette includes the following disclaimer in the published version of the op-ed: "Facts are important, especially when discussing the health of women and the American public. Claims regarding abortion “reversal” treatment are not based on science and do not meet clinical standards. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) ranks its recommendations on the strength of the evidence, and does not support prescribing progesterone to stop a medical abortion.”

Christina allowed the op-ed to be published with the disclaimer for two reasons: 1. The information on the safety and efficacy and hope of APR therapy needs to be heard and 2. The hypocrisy of placing disclaimers on a prolife piece but not on a pro-abortion piece needs to be brought to light.

This disclaimer - added by the Editorial Board at the time of publication - is an attempt to discredit both Dr. Francis’ op-ed and APR therapy. This is like Nike and Adidas running commercials, and Adidas being forced to add “Nike does not agree with the claims made in this message” at the end of the commercial. 

Abortion Pill Reversal therapy is a proven, safe method for giving expectant mothers a second chance at life for the preborn child. The actions of the Journal Gazette to censor Dr. Francis - and in turn the pro-life community in the area - cannot be excused. 

Don’t Let Pro-Life Voices be Silenced - Here is How YOU Can Get Involved: 

Using the talking points and facts in AAPLOG's one-pager

-Email the Editor of the Journal Gazette and tell them that censoring pro-life voices is unacceptable. Email address:
-Tweet using the hashtag #WeAreProLife and #ProLifeProScience at the Journal Gazette Twitter account. Twitter Username: @JGfortwayne 
-Call the Newsroom and tell them that disclaimers attached to pro-life professionals is unfairly targeting and delegitimizing the pro-life movement. Phone Number: 260-461-8773
-Tweet the benefits of APR on your own page - a 1-Page informational PDF is attached to this email. 
-Write a Letter ToThe Editor to the Journal Gazette outlining the need for APR education in Indiana and what the actions of the Editorial Board mean to you.

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