Curtis Hill


Facebook Live Interview: Cathie Humbarger, Curtis Hill: August 12, 2021

CATHIE: This is Cathie Humbarger with Right to Life of Northeast Indiana. It is my privilege to be here with [former Attorney] General Hill, who has agreed to comment on this awful court decision which we got out of the Southern District Federal Court. It just came down on Tuesday. I know you haven’t had a chance to unpack it, but from what you know so far, would you *too much background noise*

CURTIS: Well, it’s very disheartening, to see this attack on restrictions that were passed by pro-life legislators. I’m particularly interested in how the telemedicine aspect of this. By increasing the telemedicine [abortions], and placing a severe limitation on restrictions that were imposed on the virus. And it will be interesting to see in the post-pandemic year of telemedicine will have an impact on future abortions.

CATHIE: Absolutely, and another point that was struck down by this decision is that second and third trimester abortions in the past had to done in an hospital in Indiana, now those can be done in an abortion facility-any licensed abortion facility. So, that could make us be one of the [epicenters] of late-term abortion, if I’m looking at this right.

CURTIS: This moves us closer and closer to New York and some of the other states, and that’s exactly where we don’t want to be. That’s not where the people of Indiana want to be, that’s not where our legislature wants to be. So, we hopefully will see decisive action in the courts reversing this trend, and we also need to push our legislators to be more active and engaged in properly addressing these restrictions…

CATHIE: I know our state Solicitor General Tom Fricter worked in your term in office, and he’s still there, still fighting as hard as he can, and there’s already been an emergency request for a stay. So we’re going through the process. This is not over. But, thank you for all your hard work you did defending pro-life laws on your watch.

CURTIS: Thank you very much Cathie. It was my pleasure to do so, and nice seeing you again.

CATHIE: Thank you.