Face the Victims


Its not often that I post about the darkness at the foundation of the abortion issue in such clarity.

But the photos in this articleare so well done, they beg to be made available.
I also do not look at victim imagery often. I've seen it plenty in my 8 years working in the prolife movement and my mother's heart, especially with birthing and nursing 2 babies in the last 4 years, just cannot take the renewed tsunami of grief that comes with facing those little people who are victims.
I pray for their mothers often, for their sisters and brothers and I know God holds them in His arms with so much more love, warmth and comfort than I can imagine or could possibly give them myself.

But I am horribly tired of the abortion industry wrapping what it does in wording that makes the concept just abstract enough for the common person to be able to avoid thinking, looking and confronting what abortion does to a human being.

The pictures in the article (link posted below) show what abortion does to the small human being, it doesn't show what abortion does to the mama. She is injured as well - spiritually, emotionally and often physically. Those mamas need our help. They are often distanced from God's love, not because He wants them to be distanced, but because they don't know Him, or don't think they deserve His forgiveness and love.

Please look at the photos. Please pray for the mommies. Please thank God for His sending Christ who makes its so that each of these children rests eternally in bliss with Him and that each of the mommies will come to do the same as well. And of course, let me know if you want to talk. Looking at this is not easy. It wont make your day brighter or happier. But standing and speaking truth, grace and love in the face of this cruelty is what God calls us to do.