Joe Renner and Megan Kerr


Facebook Live interview: Cathie Humbarger, Megan Kerr, Joe Renner: August 12, 2021

CATHIE: This is Cathie Humbarger with Right to Life of Northeast Indiana, and I have with me tow pro-life heroes from the next generation. And I am so grateful that they are here and are able to discuss this awful decision that came out of the Southern District Federal Court here in Indiana just Tuesday.

So, this is just awful and I am getting various perspectives. Joe Renner is an active member of Students for Life on the campus of Saint Francis University. Joe, as a student, as the next-generation, what do you think about this?

JOE: This decision is terrible. It is harmful to women and children. It’s not very good at all.

CATHIE: That’s great to hear from your generation. So often we think that young adults your age don’t care, but I know you well enough to know that this is a passion for you and you won’t give up.

JOE: No, I won’t.

CATHIE: And also with me is Megan Kerr. Megan is the Development Director with Michiana Right to Life, and they have been tremendous partners with Right to Life of Northeast Indiana.

Megan, what is your opinion of this egregious court decision?

MEGAN: So, we have the Whole Women’s Health Clinic in South Bend and I help coordinate the Sidewalk Advocates weekly. So now with this ruling, now we are going to see a whole expansion of chemical abortions being allowed in South Bend. And that is catastrophic for the community. We are going to see an influx of chemical abortions being performed on women, which we know from lots of research by various organizations, that it’s completely unsafe, and it’s going to be awful for their physical and mental and emotional health. And also we’re going to see the deaths of so many more children, and the Sidewalk Advocates-we can’t have them go out every single day from nine to five like a full-time job. So we’re going have to be very smart and strategic about how we approach this.

CATHIE: Absolutely, and Michiana Right to Life has been at the fore-front of this battle for years, and I appreciate so much your being on the ground, getting information about what’s happening in real time, and all of us together are going to make a difference. It’s not one person. It’s not one organization. It’s all of us together.

I would also like to mention that this is not over. Even though we had this awful decision out of the Southern District Federal Court, there has already been an appeal filed for a stay to hold off on all the regulations that were struck down until this case is finally adjudicated, maybe it will go all the way up to the Supreme Court. This isn’t over. It’s a setback to be clear, but we’re in the fight until we win, and we know that the Lord is sustaining us, and He can use us however He will to end this awful scourge of abortion here in Indiana and across the country.