Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Dear Friends,

Christmas Blessings to all of you.

As each snowflake falls from the sky with a unique design, so too are we individually fashioned by our Lord. God created us in His Image, a powerful affirmation of the value of every unique human being. We glorify Him that Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby and joined our human race. As the Lord came down to seek and save, we too are called to lives of sacrifice and love, especially for the most vulnerable among us.

This Christmas season, may we renew our dedication to life. The need for pro-life advocacy is real and pressing. Planned Parenthood recently reopened in Fort Wayne, and they are public about their desire to start doing abortions in our community. We must be vigilant, not only in Fort Wayne, but throughout the region. This past year, we have been working with pro-life friends in neighboring counties. We recognize the need to link arms with them and create a shield around Northeast Indiana.

To reach that goal, we have a big change coming. In January we are becoming “Right to Life of Northeast Indiana.” Through your support, you are part of Allen County Right to Life’s story that began 43 years ago. Now join us as we look to our future story. We are expanding our efforts, caring for more of God’s people and affecting change in more of Indiana. We ask for your prayers and your support in this new phase.

Right to Life of Northeast Indiana will encompass seven counties: LaGrange, Steuben, Noble, DeKalb, Allen, Wells and Adams. Please connect us with your friends and family in those counties and build with us a strong network, impermeable to abortionists looking to establish their business and prey on women in crisis. Women deserve better than abortion. Babies deserve more than the death penalty. Our young people need to be taught that every person, from the very moment of conception, is precious.

When we offer school presentations, we give students the current landscape in the world - people who are suffering are eliminated, babies who might suffer are aborted, moms who need help are persuaded to choose themselves over their unborn child. Instead of curing diseases, doctors systematically find and annihilate the tiny ones who have a disease. And we ask those students, is that the sort of world you want to live in? Their expressions are always the same - eyes wide in horror and surprise, mouths open and silent. We have to reach people with the truth that elective death is not the friend, but a trap presented by our greatest Foe.

Christ became one of us to bring us life to the fullest, and He invites us to be His witnesses to His love. Your donations enable us to reach people. Lives are at stake and you can save them.  And together, we can make a protective shield around Northeast Indiana.

May God bless you as you are a blessing to others.

Dr. Peter J. Scaer

President of the Board

Allen County Right to Life Educational Trust Fund

P.S. Please consider donating this Christmas in honor of one of your loved ones.