Supreme Court Decision on Dobbs V Jackson


The overturing of Roe V Wade by the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs V Jackson is an incredible victory for LIFE! All of the efforts of our friends in the pro-life movement have led us to this moment. We still have work to do in our state to save the precious lives of the unborn. 

First, the Indiana Governor has called a special legislative session which will start July 25th. Please call your legislator and ask them to ban abortion during this session! Our Legislators have heard from an overwhelming number of pro-choice people. It's time for the pro-life side to call and show support for ending the injustice of abortion in Indiana. 

 Find My Legislator!

Next,  in celebration of this historic decision, join us on this "Day of Dobbs" in blessing the women of our region by meeting their needs. Please purchase baby items and deliver them to 3106 Lake Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 on Monday, June 27th between 10a-4p. Show them the incredible Love of the pro-life movement in Northeast Indiana!