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So Big


 Lori Buzzetti, an Indiana OB GYN gives us a look into her change of heart from prochoice to pro-life, miscarriage and her new ministry for homeless pregnant moms, So Big.

A Note From Dr. Buzzetti:


Thank you so much for interviewing me today.
As I thought about our conversation regarding my training at IU, I wanted to clarify what we were expected to do as residents regarding elective terminations. 
We were each assigned  a separate day that we were required to be in the room and learn how to do an abortion. The faculty member  walked us through the steps of the procedure while doing one procedure himself. Then we were given the option of whether we wanted to watch him do the next one or sit in his seat and have him walk us through the steps as we did the procedure. Since I was pro choice at the time, I chose to sit in his seat and do the procedure.  In doing that procedure I felt very nauseated and I realized that I would never perform abortions in my practice. 

Thank you again,


Dr. Lori Buzzetti
Founder and President
So Big/So Big Mountain House Maternity Home