The Telemachus Award is given in recognition of faithfully and courageously speaking for innocent human life.

Telemachus, a fourth-century monk who lived in a monastery, felt God calling him to Rome. He couldn’t figure out why God would want him in Rome, but he felt the pressure to go. When he got to Rome, people were running about the city in great confusion hurrying to the amphitheater. He had arrived on a day when the gladiators were going to fight other gladiators and animals. Telemachus thought this must be why God had called him to Rome. He walked into the amphitheater. He sat down among 80,000 people who cheered as the gladiators came out. The little monk thought to himself, “Here we are, four centuries after Christ, in a civilized nation, and people are killing one another for the entertainment of the crowd. This isn’t Christian!”

Telemachus got up out of his seat, ran down the steps, climbed over the wall, walked out to the center of the amphitheater, and stood between two large gladiators. Putting his hands up, he meekly cried out, “In the name of Christ, stop!” The crowd laughed and jeered. One of the gladiators slapped Telemachus in the stomach with his sword and sent him spinning off into the dust.

Telemachus got up and again stood between the two huge gladiators. He repeated, “In the name of Christ, stop.”

This time the crowd chanted, “Run him through!” One of the gladiators took his sword and ran it through Telemachus’ stomach. He fell into the dust and the sand turned red as blood ran out of him.

One last time, Telemachus weakly cried out, “In the name of Christ, stop.” He died on the amphitheater floor. The crowd grew silent, and within minutes they emptied out of the amphitheater.

History records that, thanks to Telemachus, this was the last gladiatorial contest in the history of the Roman Empire.

Recipients of the Telemachus Award
  • 2023- The Renner Family
  • 2022- Robin Atkins
  • 2021- Rev. Steve MacDougall & Joyce MacDougall-Schrank
  • 2020- Nathan and Emily Berning, Let Them Live
  • 2019- Angela Forker
  • 2018 – Monica Kelsey
  • 2017 – Tom Auer
  • 2016 – The Fort Wayne Area Lutherans for Life
  • 2015 – Marlene and Joe Romie
  • 2014 – Mike Spencer
  • 2013 – Dean & Evelyn Witte
  • 2012 – Max & Linda Zimmerman
  • 2011 – Dr. Dean O. Wenthe
  • 2010 – The Most Reverend Bishop John M. D’Arcy
  • 2009 – Judi Hapke & A Hope Center Staff
  • 2008 – Kurt E Marquart
  • 2007 – Mary Cross Tippmann
  • 2006 – Susan Landrigan
  • 2005 – Pam Durdahl
  • 2004 – Wendell Brane
  • 2003 – Phyllis Conroy-Avila