Indiana Code Struck Down by Judge Barker


On August 10, 2021, Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the US District Court of Southern Indiana handed down a Permanent Injunction against several areas of Indiana code in a lawsuit brought by the unlicensed abortion business, Whole Women's Health. This struck down common sense safety restrictions as well as important pieces of informed consent language. Because of this, chemical abortion numbers will drastically increase and women are put at even more risk through loosely regulated pill abortions. You can see everything she enjoined here.

*UPDATE: On 9/8/21 an emergency stay was granted, meaning the current, long standing laws will remain in place while the lawsuit moves further in the courts.

But you can make a difference in Northeast Indiana!

It is time to stop being a wall-flower in the prolife movement and jump in with both feet to save children and their mothers. The pro-"choice" movement is not about choice at all. If it were, information like what was scratched out by Judge Barker, would be made widely known! Instead, she decided facts about when human life begins, when a fetus feels pain, and mental health after aborting a disabled child verses carrying to term, don't need to be shared with women as part of the informed consent and general handouts. Women are being lied to.

They're being kept in the dark about what abortion really is and what it really does.
Rescue them.

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